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At Ferro Technics Inc. We want to become a global leader in IT security, network and Infrastructure certifications.

We ensure that all our clients are satisfied with the quality of certification training they receive and we provide all support to ensure they pass the certification exams and to move ahead in their career. We ensure that the training is relevant and includes real life scenarios and experiences.

We create a friendly workplace for our staff and an exceptional learning environment where our clients can exchange ideas and learn from experience of their peers and fellow trainees.

Apart from IT security and project management, we will work with global leader in IT technology and ensure that we are well equipped to offer training courses for technology leaders like Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare, Oracle, Citrix. We want to be a center of excellence for all major IT technologies and IT security.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a global leader in IT certification training, ensuring organizations have qualified employees, certified in managing their systems efficiently and securely.

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Feroz Hyder


Has several years of teaching IT Audit, System Management, Project Management and other IT security and network management courses at Major Ontario Colleges. He has also delivered security and privacy training to personal at hospitals, long term care homes and other organizations in community care sectors for relevant healthcare applications.

Feroz is a Certified Privacy, Security and Risk Management consultant with several years experiance consulting with Public and Private Sector organizations, where he has helped with implementing the Information Security and Privacy Programs and provided security and management consulting services. He is recognized in the industry as an expert in developing and implementing risk management initiatives incorporating enterprise security and privacy of Financial, Healthcare and other sensitive information.