Are you looking for someone to manage your Information Security team and deliver both operational and strategic leadership on cybersecurity in a cost-effective way?

If you need project-based senior-level executive expertise and your CISO role is vacant, we have a solution for you.

Team up with a self-driven, proactive virtual CISO who can protect your organization with the right strategic and operational vision to ensure business functions, processes, technology and information assets remain secure.

Ferro Technics’ Virtual CISO (vCISO) services include:

  • Reviewing current internal security controls deployed throughout an organization.
  • Establishing and maintaining an organization's strategy, vision, and implementation of the security compliance and governance program.
  • Outlining, devising, drafting, reviewing, and approving policies, standards, processes and procedures.
  • Communicating security goals to the organization.
  • Ensuring that organizations abide by the applicable security frameworks.
  • Recognizing industry trends and driving the organization in architecting security solutions.
  • Helping to establish security budgets and appropriate, cost-effective security solutions.
  • Supporting or leading the Incident Response team.

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