A Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) is a process that assists organizations in identifying and managing threats posing a risk to organizational functions and processes. The goal of a threat and risk assessment is to identify active threats to an organization while providing recommendations to maximize the protection, functionality, and usability of organizational functions and processes. 

To assist your organization, Ferro Technics will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization concerning the threats and risks to business functions and processes.

Ferro Technics will discuss the following areas while conducting a threat risk assessment for your organization:

  • The scope of the assessment to identify what the assessment covers.
  • The data will be collected to aid in the assessment.
  • The analysis of current organizational policies and procedures.
  • A vulnerability analysis to assess the adequacy of the organization's existing security controls.
  • A threat analysis to identify internal and external threats to the organization.

An overall assessment of the current security controls used to provide protection and mitigate different threats and risks to an acceptable level.

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