Security assessments are an essential component of overall organizational risk management. We help to identify, assess, and implement critical security controls to prevent security bugs and vulnerabilities.

Ferro Technics provides flexibility in choosing the desired security assessments depending on client budget or time constraints. Ferro Technics provides organizations with a detailed mapping between identified risks, assets, controls, associated threats and their impacts.

Organizations that create, store, or transmit sensitive information should conduct periodic security assessments to ensure organizational adherence to applicable standards, laws, and regulations.

Ferro Technics helps organizations to:

  • Identify assets such as network devices, applications, servers, tools and data centers used to store or process data within the organization.
  • Devise risk profiles for all assets.
  • Assess asset criticality in conjunction with the likelihood of exploitation and potential impact on the organization's reputation, revenues, and overall security posture.
  • Understand the sensitivity of data stored, generated, and transmitted by assets within the scope of the assessment.

Provide recommendations for mitigating controls for each asset based on the assessment results.

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