A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a risk management tool used to identify the actual or potential effects that a proposed or existing information system, technology, program, process or other activity may have on an individual’s privacy. By completing a PIA, organizations can identify the privacy impact of different business functions and the means to address them accordingly.

Ferro Technics can help determine the implications on individual privacy resulting from programs or services offered by your organization and will ensure that new and existing projects, initiatives, and strategies adhere to applicable legislative and regulatory compliance requirements.

Ferro Technics will perform the following activities while conducting a privacy impact assessment for your organization:

  • Analyze current business functions that collect, use, retain, disclose or dispose of personal information.
  • Determine key stakeholders and the organization’s management of personal information.
  • Identify legislative and regulatory compliance requirements concerning individual privacy.
  • Develop a report consisting of findings and recommendations for the security of individual privacy throughout business functions and processes.

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