The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of data and information security standards to ensure organizations responsible for accepting, processing, storing or transmitting credit card information maintain secure cardholder data environments.
Ferro Technics has helped various organizations become PCI DSS compliant to protect their clients from fraudulent and malicious activity while protecting the organization from damaging and expensive data breaches. We offer a wide variety of services to help organizations achieve and maintain compliance with PCI DSS, which is necessary for organizations processing cardholder information.
To assist your organization in becoming PCI DSS compliant, we will assess your existing information security controls used to protect the storage, processing and transmission of cardholder data across the various systems, resources, assets and networks in which it resides. This assessment will enable our team to detect non-compliance, analyze gaps, and provide rectifying solutions to help your organization achieve PCI DSS compliance.

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