Is your organization ISO27001 compliant? Do you have a business need to store, process and manage sensitive data and keep it secure?

Ferro Technics can provide you with the expertise in planning, executing and leading your organization for ISO 27001 certification. Clients who have worked with us experienced benefits from significantly improved security and gained customer confidence by demonstrating their commitment to data and cybersecurity.

Why is ISO 27001 certification needed?

Securing information practice is essential to provide reasonable assurance in preserving client's confidential data. Organizations have to provide assurances that they have policies, processes, and controls to protect their crown jewels. Ferro Technics can provide you with the required expertise in creating a framework of procedures and policies associated with creating and managing the information security management program.

Compliance with ISO27001 standards ensures your organization has a robust information security management system (ISMS). It provides a framework for outlining, operating and developing your organization's information security system. Our expertise covers creating ISO 27001 compliance programs for global organizations and small to mid-sized organizations with a need to get ISO27001 certified. We assess your existing business policy and procedures to create a road map for ISO 27001 IT Security Management certification.

•    Achieve Compliance: Ferro Technics ensure that you remain compliant with ISO27001. We provide you with expertise to ensure you have all necessary policies, processes and controls in place and can provide evidence when audited.

•    Minimize Risk: Ensuring required controls are in place to mitigate the risk of security threats and avoid exploitation of vulnerabilities.

•    Meet Market and Regulatory Requirements: Organizations are expected to implement appropriate information security controls. We help you meet the requirements set by both regulatory and market standards.

•    Enhanced Security and Business Continuity: Your clients can have peace of mind knowing their data is in safe hands. We guide in evaluating risks and manage security breaches.

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