The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) mandates protecting sensitive patient health information. It deploys standards to ensure individuals understand and control how their protected health information is used. As such, organizations are responsible for ensuring electronically protected health information maintains its confidentiality, integrity and availability at all times.

Ferro Technics offers auditing and consulting services to health care providers and their business associates to aid your organization with compliance and adherence to the various HIPAA rules and standards. Our team will work directly with your organization to ensure your existing security controls adhere to HIPAA regulations and that any gaps in compliance are addressed accordingly. 


We offer the following services to help your organization adhere to HIPAA regulations:

  • Recommending industry-standard best practices for the management and control of electronically protected health information.
  • Assessing current network and system architecture, including data flows containing electronically protected health information.
  • Reviewing and updating existing information security and privacy-related policies and procedures.
  • Creating forms and templates such as data consent forms and data breach reporting templates.
  • Providing HIPAA privacy awareness training.

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